Six Pillar Leadership Model

Global Leadership Academy

ACTS 14:22

Our ministry motto is “Developing World-Class Leaders One Conversation at A Time” Coaching, mentoring and consulting will be the medium used to transform the communities we serve. Its our vision to lay the foundation for every ministry/para-ministry to have access to leadership development, financial resources, support, encouragement and accountability while carrying out the Vision and Mission that God has planted in their heart. We are a firm believer through the process of continual coaching and mentoring of senior leadership and laity we can create a movement that advances God’s Kingdom agenda through the local church and para-ministries designed to support the work of the church.  

The Model: The Global Leadership Academy is Founded On Six Pillars:
Church Strengthening
Church Growth
Financial Growth
Discipleship Growth
Missions Impact
Economic Mobility Community Partnerships
Listen To The Global Leadership Initiative Podcast
Listen To The Global Leadership Initiative Podcast

Watch the Highlights from the - 2019 Mindset Conference - National Preachers & Speakers from around the country!

Church Strengthening Pillar
Ministry Growth Systems
Executive Ministry Coaching
Professional Growth Master Minds Groups
Annual Global Leadership Academy Conferences

Church Growth Pillar
Assimilation Implementation
Evangelism/Outreach Methods
Leadership/ Ministerial Development
GLA Webinars
Financial Shift Pillar
Funding Your Vision - Non-Profit Development Coaching/Webinars
Financial Growth Seminars
Financial Growth Webinars
Integrated models of Financial Education

Discipleship Pillar
Coaching Certifications
Accelerated Conversational Training 
Integrated Life on Life Discipleship models

Missional Pillar
Partner with Converge Worldwide - The Timothy Initiative
20x20 Campaign - Plant 20 Churches by 2020 
Local Mission initiatives with community based organizations

Economic Mobility Community Partnerships Pillar
          Corporate and Leadership Development 
          Community Partnership with Non-profit organizations
          Workforce Development Training Partnerships
          Young Entrepreneurs Leadership Development